A stop light

Did you know that God’s ways resembles a traffic light?

Red (stop)– God has absolute no-go’s
do not steal, do not lie, do not cheat, do not be jealous, do not envy, do not judge, do not harbor unforgiveness, etc. Do not do this; do not go there, at all, k?

Yellow (caution) – God has cautioned us
do not be deceived, test every spirit, take every thought captive, etc. be aware, always on alert

Green (go) – God tells us to do, and to go
Seek Me first, trust in Me, love Me with all your heart soul & mind, preach the good news, love your neighbor as yourself, etc. got it? Just go and be free in Him and in His ways

Now, if God resembles the traffic light,
Then lets imagine Jesus being an officer of that law

What ticket(s) will you be given?
Failure to stop at the red light?
Speeding through the cautions?
Not going on a green light, hindering the flow of traffic behind you?

You must obey my laws
& be careful to follow my decrees,
I am the LORD your God.
–LEV 18:4

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