The Author

Have you read a good book lately?

The author always knows what is to come and how the story ends. Surrounding characters are included specifically designed for that star. The trials that come about only increase the stars moral fiber.
While reading the story along with the star, you are not sure of the ending,but the author has it all planned out, orchestrated beautifully. Just like a quilt, the star sees the unfinished side, while the author sees the completion, the finished product is intricate and lovely.

If the star of story had access to talk to the author, wouldn't that be helpful?
Likewise, in the story of our life, we were given free access through Jesus,
to talk with our author, God. How great is He to think of every helpful tactic for us!!

God is the author of our life.
Pray and ask Him to help you live out your story.

May God bless you in a new way,
May the Spirit guide you each day,
May the love of Jesus shine within,
For you are where His heart is living

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