For how great is Gods love towards us?
How much is He worth to us?
Can we really measure that?

Is His love enough that we don't worry or get anxious?
Is His peace enough to keep us on solid ground during the storm?
Is His joy enough to disintegrate the depression and loneliness?

For how long does it take us to see Him in our trial?
How fast do we turn to Him when we start feeling heavy?
And how often do we think on Him, compared to Him thinking about us?

* * * * * * *


As soon as Jesus heard the Word that was spoken,
He said unto the ruler of the synagogue,
Be not afraid, only believe. Mark 5:36

If I can get you to see that when you get rid of yourself, all human help and everything else, and only have God behind you, you have reached a place of great reinforcement and continual success. If you help yourself, to the measure you help yourself, you will find there are limitations to the life and power of God in you.

I find so many people trying to help themselves. What God wants is an absolute, entire clinging to Him.

The one grand plan of God has for us is only believe. Absolute rest. Perfect submission. God has taken charge of the situation. You are absolutely brought into everything God has, because you dare only believe what He says. God would have me press into your heart a living truth – only believe!

PRAYER: Jesus, what You have said I believe. Amen.
-Smith W, a man of faith

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