20/20 Vision from Heaven

Do most of us believe that we can live heaven on earth? That we do not have to wait for death to experience heaven and Gods complete goodness?

Oh, that the time will come when we stop focusing on our selves (flesh, worldly thinking, old-man ways) and start focusing completely on God. When I say "focusing on God", I am not meaning focusing on Gods hands (what God has done, will do and can do for you).

Rather, focusing on Gods face. Who He is, His character, His holiness. Wouldn't we do the same when meeting a new friend or our mate for the first time? God wants a personal relationship with us and desires us to get to know Him personally. It is not about us/our lives/what blessings we will receive, but it is about Him.

He has provided us with not only His written word (the bible) but also with His Holy Spirit. When we ask to receive His Holy Spirit within us, we start to get revelations of God and are guided throughout our daily living. Jesus died so we can receive the Holy Spirit. This, I believe, is the great mystery. That God dwells within us through His Holy Spirit because of the death of His Son Jesus. Selah!

Lets continuously lift up our eyes, get out of our stinking-thinking and love on Him so we can become more like Him -Matthew 5:48
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect

Leviticus 11:44
I am the Lord your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy

Do not allow these scriptures to hold you back from Gods fullness for you. It is possible to be the spotless bride that Jesus, the bridegroom, is looking for ......while we are on this earth, before entering eternity. These scriptures say that it can be done, we can live holy lives right here/right now.

It is the matter of our vision. Let us lift our vision higher each day.

(I can go on about living holy, and will do so in my upcoming posts, stay tuned!)


Belinda said...

I look forward to reading more!

PRAISE GOD IN ALL THINGS Transform Your Mind- Frank Hackl said...

You recently wrote on my blog, so I thought I would check out yours as well. You believe as I do. I like the way you write and relate life (like masks & butterflies) to the Christian walk! Nice parables! You have an artistic mind. I am a graphic designer, I see the way you display things in your blog. Very creative!

If you haven't already checked out Bill Johnson's church in Redding, CA - Bethal Church. He's got some real deep teachings.

Renew, Praise, Persevere -

Melanie Yardley said...

Belinda- thank you, it is a subject we all need to press into

Frank- thank you very much for the comment, and i will def check out Bill Johnson, thanks for the info!!

Shalom to you both!

Sidharth said...

Hey just saw Bill Johnsons name here. You must visit him. He's a very unique man of God, moving in the power and fellowship of the Spirit.

He has a book called "When heaven invades earth"....its an AWESOME book!

In the hebrew thought, "face" represents a persons presence. Its when we see a persons face that we know that person had been there. So when God says He hid His face or the like, it refers to God withdrawing His shekinah, His manifest Presence.

A woman of God once said, 'Seek His Presence and not His presents", "Seek His face, and not His hands".



Melanie Yardley said...

thanks again, Sidharth! i love your comments to my blogs =D

(i will check out that book by Bill Johnson, too)


Colleen said...

Mel, What a great post!! I love your stuff:)