Butterfly (caterpillar no more)

imagine yourself as a caterpillar on a leaf,
born to crawl and chew food with your teeth,
cant even mate, and have a limited point of view
something is missing, there's something you must do

one day you have a desire to fill your empty heart
you make a choice, that is how it all starts
you stop with your life, repent, give thanks and praise
perched on a branch, something is changing, seems like days

but then you awake, beautiful, a brand new creation
like a child re-born, you are filled with joy, elation
everything is different and all brand new
you have wings and no teeth, you must sip, not chew

you have a new freedom, unlike ever before
you can fly around everywhere, not stuck to the floor
you can also find a mate, things that the old you could never do
things that your creator wanted always for you

a wonderful life, filled with blessings, joy and peace
that you could never find on your own, until your life ceased
and asked your creator to take over and show you this new life
without no more heavy burdens, emptiness, loneliness or strife


Belinda said...

Dear Melanie,
I am honoured that you chose to become a follower of Whatever He Says, and happy that it also led me to your blog. Your beautiful post Butterfly (caterpillar no more) ministered truth and wonder to my heart this morning.

Melanie Yardley said...

thanks for reading my post, Belinda! Shalom <3

The_Ballerina said...

Thank you for the comment and vsit my blog! Its nice to hear from other Believers!