Dumping Ground

Human nature (living out of our old man/flesh) tells us that we need to vent, sometimes to someone close to us and other times to complete strangers (in the store, on the road, etc).

Jesus wants us to vent to Him, to give all our crazy emotions over to Him so He can properly dispose of them. Everyone has junk to dispose of, so why would you dump your junk onto another, when you are only adding to theirs?

Your spouse, best friend, or even a stranger cannot help you with the venting and heal your insides, that is God's job. Jesus died so we can lay our junk at the foot of the cross to die, that is our dumping ground. He can help us through our situation and heal our hearts so we can move forward on our walk with Him, in complete freedom.

We must learn how to properly vent. Always vent to Jesus first, not to any man or woman.

EXAMPLE - Just say my husband left a muddy trail through the house (fyi - he has never done this) and I vent to my husband first, not Jesus. Of course, I would be venting with raw emotions so I would probably say things like "I am so angry at you, look what you did", "you have no respect for me and expect me to clean up after you all the time". Then my emotions would most likely escalate into "do you even love me anymore", "why are we even married". So now my husband has to deal with things other than the mud on the floor, he will now have to spend a lot of time calming me down by telling me that he does love me, he does appreciate me, etc, etc, etc. When all the while, if I vented to Jesus first letting go of my raw emotions and calming down, I could simply address my husband about the mud on the floor and nothing else. The issue could be resolved within 15 minutes instead of hours.

REVELATION FROM GOD MANY YEARS AGO - I used to live in a third floor apartment. Every time I would go grocery shopping, I would only want to make one trip up all those stairs. So I would load up all the bags on my arms and carry the heavy weight up the stairs. Jesus spoke to my heart one time and told me that I was doing this spiritually too. That I was carrying burdens and feelings myself and not handing them over to Him. He wants our baggage of junk, He is our spiritual Husband and wants to carry our load to free us. Hand over your bags , He will enjoy taking them from you.

Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully. -1PETER 5:7 (AMP)


Michelle said...

How true. We need to acknowledge our raw emotions to God, not stuff them, or vent them (both equally unhealthy!) Only He can heal us. Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog. It's so encouraging talking to other believers.

I'm also on Shelfari :) What do you think of that site so far?

Melanie Yardley said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for reading my post! i will check out your blog, we need to encourage and strengthen each other as we walk in the Lords will.

i just started using shelfari but i do like it so far :)


Carmen said...

Sister-Friend Melanie!
I'm so glad you found me in bloggy land! I was encouraged by your comments and I see the evidence of the Ruach HaKodesh in your writings...words of conviction and exhortation!

My CJB is also in bad shape...We oughtta be completely rejoicing in that, since it's been said that 'a person whose Bible is falling apart usually has a life that isn't!' Amen?!

Shalom Aleichem Merea!!!

I'll be seeing you around....

Melanie Yardley said...

thanks Carmen! your right about the CJB, i didnt think of it that way!! i look forward to you upcoming posts.

keep in Him,

Sidharth said...

*grins*, I love the way you write.


Melanie Yardley said...

Sidharth - Thank you for the comment and for reading my latest post!


luvmy4sons said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Melanie Yardley said...

Thanks, luvmy4sons! i pray you had a great time with family :)

Beth in NC said...

Ok, so talk about conviction! My original purpose of creating a blogspot was to vent because I had just lived through a terrible event. It has morphed into something much more and I'm grateful for bloggers like you. This was a great word. Thank you!


Vipin Wales said...

Hi sis Melanie
I loved the way you wrote. It meant sense to me. I created a thought in me. Thank you for the wonderful post.

Melanie Yardley said...

Beth and Vipin,

I am so glad you got something from this post. May God increase in Each of you.


Anonymous said...

why not:)