Fishing, His way

This is one of my first revelations that God gave me. It is in reference to Mark 1:17, Then Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men."

I am ready to hold my pole
Help me with the bait
Give me wisdom where to cast
Strength and patience to reel in
And love to capture

The fish are in a swamp choking on cloudy water, getting stuck in the seaweed and dying. God has an ocean of fresh water for them to live in. We are the 'in-between' helping them out of the swamp (worlds way) into the ocean (Gods way). What the fish do from there is between them and God.

For Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were fishers and still continue to fish (through their writings). They are very distinct individuals and use their own techniques. The intent is the same and so is the end result but each have their own special and unique relationship with the Lord.


Sidharth said...

=)I used to be amazed at this analogy when I was a kid. It made things so simple for me to understand. Love Abba's simplicity in teaching us.


Melanie Yardley said...

His ways are simple, aren't they? We complicate it when our old thoughts, twisted will and junky emotions get in the way. Ours is to stay simple and be free in Him.

Thanks for this comment, Sid =)