Inside out ....or the other way around?

When I focus on "me, me, me",
then my life starts reflecting a selfish way to be.

Like whatever is in our interior,
will eventually manifest to our exterior.

Build up unforgivness, you eventually get it back,
Hold on to anger, bitterness and strife will turn bright days into black.

However, when God gives us joy, happiness and peace,
We lighten up from the heaviness we put on ourselves, souls at ease.

His gifts are good,
His way is right,
We all suffer the consequences,
If we live without His Light.

Jesus is our answer to live in true freedom,
To live our lives for God, in truth, because of His Son.

Jesus took on everything that we were never meant to bare,
Hate, pride, greed, lust, envy, all the like, will soon rest eternally in despair.

We each need to make choices that we dont travel down that road,
The road of despair leads opposite of heaven, Gods' abode.

The choice is ours, every day,
What is it that you chose today?

FYI - Pray, because God hears <3

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