Spiritual Stages

The stages of our spiritual walk /the stages of our salvation
(working out our salvation -PHIL 2:12)

1- BORN AGAIN through the blood of Jesus. We are a babe that requires spiritual milk. We shouldn't be in this stage for too long, we need to grow. Right now, we have simply accepted Jesus into our hearts for cleansing us from our past sins to 'qualify' us to step foot into heaven.
1Peter 2:2
John 3:3

2- CHILD OF GOD guided by the Holy Spirit. Now we asked the Holy Spirit to enter into our hearts to guide and teach us each day. We need to grow in this stage by the reading of Gods word and getting to know His voice. This is our training ground, our wilderness, as we develop into our new man. Less flesh, more God.
John 14:26
Romans 8

3- BRIDE OF CHRIST without spot or wrinkle, no blemishes. This means no more old man and no more sin within us, a bride without defect, holy and perfect in His sight. This is where our soul (our mind, our will and our emotions) is no longer operating from our old man but a new creation. All God, no flesh.
Revelation 19:7
Ephesians 5:25-27

God is calling us to move forward and grow. To be holy as He is holy, without blemishes -on this earth, right now. To fully operate in our new man, with His way of thinking, guided by His Holy Spirit and fully immersed in Gods love that it permeates out of us.

Friends of ours recently brought it to my attention that when the armour of God is described, there is no protection of our backsides, and that is because we are always on the advance, always growing in Him!

Selah! (Pause, and calmly think on that)


Joanne said...

Wow...I had never thought about that before, about the armour of God! I just LOVE that.

I can't wait to share that with someone. Is our God great or what?!?

Melanie Yardley said...

God is awesome! that is def something to get excited about :) thanks for reading!

Michelle said...

I just taught on that very aspect of the armour! How cool.

Thanks for commenting on my somewhat stagnent blog ;)Did you find it through livinginthelandofpink.blogspot.com ?

Melanie Yardley said...

hey, michelle! i have been searching thru many blogs lately and honestly forget how i came across yours, but i found it very encouraging and powerful, .....and thanks for reading my post :)

TDOG Art said...

I read the part concerning the Armour of God. I noticed where you spoke of the waist down, that's where your loins are girt about with truth. From the waist down its covers that part of you spiritually.