Thankfulness should go deep,
as deep as your personal relationship with Him.

A your-heart to Gods-heart thankfulness.
Do you realize there are three levels of thankfulness?

Exterior thankfulness (outer court) =
Thank You for my spouse, my kids, my home.
Thank You for provision, my job, my income.
Thank You for future, my destination, my life.

Interior thankfulness (inner court) =
Thank You for my breath each day, for living this day.
Thank You for my limbs, my ability to work, my body.
Thank You for my hearing, my eyesight, my health.

Core thankfulness (holy of holies) =
Thank You for my patience during that hard situation.
Thank You for giving me wisdom to make that decision.
Thank You that I have the choice to choose Your ways.
Thank You for taking my emotional baggage.
Thank You for the joy in knowing You.

How thankful are we? How deep do we go?
For instance, joy can be applied to each of these levels:

Exterior – Joy in watching a child learn
Joy in having a home
Joy in living a provided life

Interior – Joy in receiving a healing
Joy in your accomplishments at work/home
Joy in your ability to walk, run, hear, see, etc

Core – Joy in your salvation
Joy in receiving the Holy Spirits guidance
Joy in knowing Jesus

Every fruit of the Spirit can be applied to each level.
We must go deeper into the core thankfulness,
just like we are asked to reside in the holy of holies,
having a deep, intimate and personal relationship with God.

That is His desire…
….and should also be ours.

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