Be Free, Be Clean, and Trust Him

At times in our spiritual lives
we can be like this heavy laden tree
The ice and snow piled up so much
that the weight of it is too heavy

The tree needs to wait for the warmth of the sun
and the light that will shine through the cold and dark
In the meanwhile, surrounded by many upright trees
that show forth strength in spite of the weight on its bark

In times of trials we can easily get weighed down
allowing the weight to overtake us, squelching our Spirit inside
We need to quickly turn to the Lord in all His glory and light
to thaw out and diminish all our burdens, even the ones that hide

He will surround us with those who can encourage and help us through
People that have the strength and prayer we need to overcome it all
The weight wants us to hibernate, telling us that we are all alone
but God will break through our thoughts and pick us up from our fall

So it seems that the only difference between us and this tree is choice
The tree is subject to nature, but we are not subject to the world around us
Through Jesus we have the choice to overcome whatever storm comes our way
To be freed up from the burden, cleaned off from the heaviness, and in Him we trust



Beth in NC said...

That is a beautiful comparison!!!


Melanie Yardley said...

Thanks, Beth! Im glad you enjoyed the post :)

Sidharth said...

Amen, Melanie.

May we walk in the light as He is in the light, and our weight shall be light for we are His elite.

Randy Furco said...

Very Good Post!