God has a bum rap

God is real, and so is Satan. Jesus had said that Satan is the prince and ruler of the land. His ways are; lying, deceit, anger, bitterness, etc, etc. We are all born into learning the ways of Satan before we learn the ways of God.

That is where the phrase 'born-again' comes from. Since we are physically born into Satans ways, we need to spiritually be born into Gods ways in order to enter Heaven.

What I don't understand is when something bad happens to people, why is God the one immediately blamed for it? The scriptures say that Satan comes to rob us, steal from us and destroy us. When these things happen, why do people blame God for it and not Satan?

If someone dabbles in witchcraft, occult ways, ouija boards, tarot cards, psychics, etc. (all part of Satans domain) then why is God to blame when something wrong happens in their life? Those aren't things of God. People who choose to do those things are not choosing to have God in their life, so how can God bless them and protect them?

I pray that God's bum rap will be revoked, and the proper blame will be placed on the father of all lies and deceit: Satan.

-JOHN 10:10
-JOHN 8:44


Sidharth said...

A BIG AMEN TO THIS! Love it! =)


3GirlKnight said...

Your prayer has been answered in my life! Having gone through a major, gut wrenching, pile driving emotional crisis not too long ago, and continuing to deal with the after effects, I have learned to constantly question whether my thoughts and actions are of God or satan. It's getting easier...I think.

And I had to laugh a little. When you wrote "psychics", I read "physics." Back in college I thought physics was pretty evil!

Great post!

Melanie Yardley said...

Thanks!! Im glad you enjoyed the post, it is usually me writing that to your posts ;D

I am glad you received from this and pray that God continues to increase in your life as Satan (and the old man/ways) decrease. And that is funny about physics/psychics, I always have to do a double-take on those words to make sure I have it right :)

Shalom to you both!!

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Stuart Maughan said...

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Mike said...


Randy Furco said...

I am glad that Jesus stripped the enemy and made a show of him openly

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Becca said...

AMEN!!! Love this post!! So true=)