Delusions of Grandeur

I have been presented with this subject for some months now and feel the need to share.

Does God heal? Yes.
Does God heal everyone, every time? No.
While Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead once, Lazarus still eventually died.

Why is death considered terrible? To a Christian (meaning: a true believer of Jesus, living out Gods word in their life) our death here only means we have life in Heaven with Jesus. Is that so terrible? Is that to be feared?

The disciples did not die peacefully in their sleep at a ripe old age of 120 years. So who are we to think that we are better than them? That we actually have any say on the matter at all is the greatest delusion of grandeur.

Phrases like;
"He was too young to die"
"Having that ailment means you don't have enough faith"
"She was a Believer, how could she have died like that?"
should never come out of our mouths. We have no right to say such things. That is enough to make God cry at our ignorance of Him and His ways. Who are we to tell God when the right time of someones death should be? What death is the "proper" way to die?? Who do we really think we are???

Mary the Mom died, Peter the Rock died, John the Beloved died. It is a fact of life here, our earthly bodies were not meant to live forever, they have to die in order for us to receive our eternal bodies ...again, is this such a terrible thing?

We live in a fallen world, blessings and curses rain on the just and unjust. (Matthew 5:45) This is the fault of sin and Satan. Death comes in many forms, some at the disgusting hand of evil and others are the work of sickness or disease. God gives us eternal life, that is what being here is all about. Our daily choice while we have breath on this Earth determines if we will spend our eternity in Heaven or in Hell. Our earthly body has nothing to do with our salvation.

The bible states that His timing is not our own. It also advises us to be content in whatever we have (or don't have). God looks at our heart to see if we qualify for Heaven. He doesn't look at how many limbs we have or how many houses we own. Our salvation doesn't depend on how many children we do or don't have, and it certainly doesn't matter if our body gets afflicted in any way. It isn't *what* we go through, but *how* we go through it. A matter of our own heart which is only between us and God, no one else is the judge of our own heart.

Are we *jealous* of those who can have another child while we can't, *angry* at him for only being able to afford a one bedroom house, or *bitter* that cancer crept into our bones? These ways are not Gods ways and should be repented to have a clean heart with God.

*** Now, this all being said, I do have to say that we are still going to grieve and truly miss life, that is absolutely normal and totally justified. I am, in no way, saying otherwise. Even a mature Believer will, at least, have some apprehension of death but to fear death seems unjustifiable in the light of Eternity with God. ***

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LoCTY said...

Tough subject, we don't like to go through suffering. But Jesus did warn us that in this life in this fallen world we would have trouble, but that he has overcome the world (John 16:33)
I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.