Moment Of Indecision

God ultimately has a plan for our life. There will always come a time where
we are at a crossroad. A point where we have to make a choice about
something, whether it's big or small, that will affect our lives in some way.

During the conflict, we are torn and maybe even emotionally raw. We over analyze,
debate, research ...and hopefully pray about what we should do.

Years before this crossroad ever came into existence, we could easily theorize what
our choice would be, "Oh yea, IF that ever happens to me, I would just simply ____."

Years after the decision, in hindsight or maybe while we are in Eternity, we would
easily look back and say that God is good and He did have the best plan for us.
No big deal.

So during the conflict of choice, of what we should do next, is one of the hardest
positions to be in. It is one of the loudest moments of your life. Your emotions and
thoughts are on their highest setting.

It is hard to talk to others during this time since you are wound with indecision and
maybe wrought with some degree of fear. Words you say aren't out of wisdom or
peace. You are still trying to get a handle on things and let go so God can take over.

These are the precious moments that show us who we are.
And in those very moments, God can show us who He is.

Living in our daily routines is like a car coasting down a hill. But when these
life-changing moments come, it's like a deer darting out in front of that car.

Panic, emotion overload, fear and prayer come at the same time. We find
out our weaknesses, while our hidden fears and bottled-up emotions come to light.

These moments of indecision are the perfect time to have a nice long chat
with God. Repent, if needed, and ask Him to help you move forward.
Ask for wisdom and peace .....and keep praying until you feel that peace.


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